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Each Lookool member is an artist and creative on their own, as well as a member of the collective itself.


Meet everyone below! 


CEO / Artist / Producer 

Originally from Hanover, MA, Aidan.The created Lookool when he was in high-school. Aidan is in charge of which direction Lookool ultimately goes; whether it be putting on shows, making clothes, creating music, or doing other things with the brand. On top of this, Aidan is a musician and producer himself. His most popular track, "Interstellar" featuring TomTheMailMan, is a manifestation of years of Aidan's hard work. Stream "Interstellar" through the Spotify or Soundcloud links below, and be sure to sauce Aidan a follow on social media as well.


A Marshfield, MA native, John Fahey has been consistently putting out music for around four years. The centerpiece of his discography is a project titled "Subject to Change" on which John displays the array of musical abilities he possesses as an artist. Since the release of "Subject to Change", John has dropped numerous singles on Spotify and Soundcloud. Check the homie out on Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Twitter below!

John Fahey

Tommy  Hill

Artist / Producer

The post Big Tommy era has begun for Hanover MA rapper and producer Tommy Hill. As the youngest Lookool member, Tommy has evolved immensely since the start of his musical career. Tommy recently put out a project titled "Living Big" on Soundcloud, which solidified him as a serious musician. Tommy has the ability to produce many different styles of rap/hip hop music, which  helps him cater to a very large audience. The links to his music and social profiles are provided below.


As a musician, Hanover, MA native Joseph cannot be contained to just one genre. He navigates from indie, to hip hop, and to rock with relative ease due to the many different musical influences he has. As a producer of own side project labeled “night shift”, Joseph takes pride in the fact that his talents include being an instrumentalist,  having the ability to produce, and being able to sing at an impressive quality. His hit single “lucky” has gained a whopping 30k plays on Soundcloud, and this number grows daily. Joseph frequently posts covers to popular songs and more personal content on his thriving YouTube page as well.  Here are the links to his social media:



Producer / Artist

As a producer and an artist, Tylaub gets around. Ty has placements on, and features with, almost every individual Lookool members' music. Ty has been committed to advancing his skills as a producer for some time now, while simultaneously providing the occasional hook or verse when needed. Ty also engineers a majority of the tracks released by Lookool musicians. His most notable feature is arguably on Aidan.The's track "Older". You can stay up to date with all of Tylaub's musical endeavors through the social links below!